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This quarantine is changing life as we know it and that can be a little stressful. Whether you are working from home, laid off, or are a stay at home mom that was not ready for spring break to turn into summer break overnight our lives are changing. The kids scheduled are off, and wow do they have a lot of energy! Am I teaching my kid/kids everything they need to know to be prepared for next year? Why do they eat so much! Am I making sure they are eating the right things?

These may be some of the things that are running through your mind right now and while they may be valid statements and questions this is a learning period for everyone involved.

Of course the kids schedules are off. To them this is currently summer break. I feel like I’m back in high school on summer break too! Staying up till 3am and waking up at 1pm. Don’t worry so much about teaching them EVERYTHING they need to know. Of course do your best to ensure they are learning but all of the schools understand we are on a quarantine and the teachers this year did not make it through their full curriculum and they will adjust as needed. Now I don’t know about you Mamas but my butt is also opening that fridge door multiple times morning, day, and night, which right now is actually considered day, evening, and night for me. This is partly why they probably have all that energy they’re constantly fueling their body but they are cooped up in the house with not a lot of area to burn it off. When the weather breaks and you have a warm day or two take them outside and go on a walk/bike ride. Let them burn it off when you can. Lastly try to fill your house with healthier options that are easily available for them. Cut up some fruits and veggies in the morning for their snacks through out the day. All you can do is try your best.

Take it easy on the kids as well. Like I mentioned earlier this is new for all of us. Most importantly still take time out of the day for yourself. You are important too and with being locked in a house as the caregiver that can sometimes get lost. Take this time while your home to do some things you’ve always wanted to but never had time to. Get outside your comfort zone if you need to. Or just to do what you like to. Just MAKE time for YOU!

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