How to be a better Mom.

As moms we tend to judge ourselves the harshest. We compare ourselves to super moms we see all over social media and tv. It’s so easy to tear yourself down these days. But I want us as moms to change this. We’re in 2020 and have you noticed how many people are becoming more aware of how important our mental health is? As a mother your mental health is one of the most important parts of your life. It’s very easy to lose yourself in the day to day aspects of life. To put yourself on the backburner constantly while you’re fueling everyone else. This can put a lot of stress on you mentally and physically. That’s why taking time for yourself is so important. Here I’ll share some things mom can do to keep energized and refreshed throughout the week, to help make sure you are taking care of yourself too, and being the best mom you can be.

Wake up before the kids and start your day with a light breakfast and coffee.

  • While you’re cooking breakfast turn on audible and read one of those books you’ve been wanting to read but never have the time to. You can do this throughout your day while you’re cooking and cleaning as well.
  • Do a quick morning workout, stretching routine, or a full workout.
  • Take a hot uninterrupted shower and get ready for the day.
  • Make a to do list for the day. Write down what your goals are for the day.

Doing these things will help you feel ready to take on the day and the possible meltdowns that come with it. You’ve put some “me” time into your day and feel a little more put together and have a game plan of how you would like your day to go.

I feel it’s important to note here that its OK if you didn’t wake up early because you needed that extra hour or two of sleep. It’s OK if you didn’t get your morning workout in. It’s OK if you didn’t complete everything on your to-do list. IT IS OK! Do not be too hard on yourself that’s the complete opposite of what this post is supporting.

It’s so easy to feel mom guilt for taking away any of your time with your babies even for yourself. I’m notorious for it. I’m sure this is pretty common with other moms too as I’ve seen other moms I know post their own concerns of it.The tips above can be done without taking anytime away for them. However if you need a break, if you need some me time in the middle of your day, if you need a day or night to yourself? This is perfectly fine and honestly NORMAL!

Pushing yourself to the side doesn’t do any good for you or your family and I highly doubt you would want to witness your children putting themselves and their needs last while they’re fueling everyone else. You would want to make sure that they are taking care of themselves too right? So why is it so easy for us to show them that it’s normal for mom to do this?

We need the mom shaming to stop. I’m not only talking about mom on mom either I’m also referring to us being too critical and shaming ourselves. You were chosen to be a mama to your baby/babies there’s a reason for that. I’m not trying to say no don’t improve yourself and mom skills, I’m just plainly saying take it easy on yourself. They love you more than you know even on your worst days. It’s the purest form of love I have ever been able to witness and I can only imagine what it would be like to see ourselves through their eyes.

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